Me Vs Bracket (Baca: Behel) --> “Little Willy Wonka “

Hi world, i wanna tell you about my new bracket. Well, actually I’ve considered to use this bracket from long time ago, when I was high school, because there’s some problem with my teeth. But I usually become doubt if I decide to use it, because I’m worry about the bad effect (full of pain). And after a few years later (now), i get the chance to use bracket, I think I have to take it, before it become too late. Hehehe

And, yeaahh this is it !!!, my new look, bita with her bracket. Actually I don’t like my face with bracket on my teeth, because I can smile normally like I usually do before, I can’t (cengar-cengir) as much as I can before, and my face become strange if I try to speak with another, my lips become dry and there’s so much “sariawan” that attack in my mouth. Hiks hiks hiks (that’s why I don’t wanna put my new pic with bracket here, because my brother said that my face looks like little willy wonka when he used bracket, and if I think I can speak and smile normally I’ll put my pic with my bracket here :p

Now, the eight day that I’ve used my bracket, I still can’t eat well. cereal, porridge and avocado juice, become my routine a day, and I loss my weight, 3 kilograms, bayangkannn,,, oh myy, I become smaller and thinner .... :( But.., that’s ok this is the risk, and I’ve to take it, because I’m strong girl, yeaahh I cant handle it


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