New stage of life

It's been so long that I didn't hit this blog, sinceI stepped to new stages of life in these recent 3 month. Yap, I am a postgrad student now and already taken by a man from malang as his wife.
Really I never expect for taking master degree in malang, and majoring sociology.  Its like you guys have been know that I've been dreaming about taking overseas scholarship program. These lately years are full of lesson, I made big decision for marry a man whom I just know for about a year and choose to taking master in malang rather than struggling to reach my overseas study dream.
Everybody is asking why I decide to take sociology because Its not linear with my major before, but for me its not about linear or not linear, everybody has their own reason behind their decision,  i like social studies nand I found that sociology seems more match with my background. I am not saying that I regret my previous major, indeed I am really thankful for feel the international relation atmosphere for past 4 years.
Now I am enjoying my life both as a wife and postgrad student, wish me luck :)


Let say that you've been fell the satisfied feeling about get lost, about taking long journey, seeking experiences and so on. And you said that it's not interesting anymore to pack a backpack, wear a shoes and travel again.
Let say that she's not fulfilled a perfect criteria for never-ending "life-traveling" mate, because she always fells inferior and afraid with you, rather than respect to you.