Keantusiasan yang menguap begitu saja

Did you ever crave too much or crazy to  pursue  something ?
And how was your feel  when  anything-that-you-were-crazy-about-before  seems not interesting anymore.

Tweet dari akun sebelah bilang: 

Terus menerus manusia mengejar apa yang dia inginkan | hingga mereka terlambat menyadari bahwa itu semua bukan yang mereka perlukan.

Allah juga berfirman: 

Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal itu baik untukmu. Boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahalbitu buruk bagimu. Sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui dan kamu tidak mengetahui.

Sebenarnya, aku nggak tau tulisan ini sebenarnya suatu bentuk keikhlasan (pasrah) atau pembenaran karena tertutupnya kemungkinan (untuk saat ini sih)

Hhha ribet banget yah bahasanya
Hope the best lah.


Please say something

Everyone have their own life, and they come from various kind of backgrounds. Some people can choose their own life, they can live their life flow like water, let the stream guide them wherever can be, but some people couldnt, because they have to follow Some "rules".

Absolutely, I'm a big dreamer, and ambitious girl, I've already write my target and dream since I was in high school, having my master degree overseas and a  dream job as diplomat and traveling around the world

I already write this kinda contemplative Writing for many times and about an egoistic dream too, yes, I ever think that my ambitions was soon egois, it just thinking about myself, my pride and my happiness.  But I begin to understand that I have to go back to the basic, think about my family and family is everything

To be honest,  I didn't really love to do (continuing) a family job, it's kinda not fair if you should alwaaaays do a same thing as your mother, your father and your ancestor do, I really wanna make my own life and try another experiences and opportunities.

But again, it sound soo egois huh ?
And now, I begin to listen to my parent, follow their will and start to redefine my life and my vision

So, could you support me? please say something