Mas ijad said : Olahraga > make up

I hope it's not too late for me to make "sport" as my new lifestyle. Recently I felt so weak and easy to feel tired. Mas ijad told me i dont have to put too much make up for daily, even i just put bedak and lipgloss for attending some event such as wedding party or friend's graduation. Lucky me bcs basically im not to interest with make up thingy, and that's why i can't do that LOL. Mas ijad just advice me to doing sport, yoga, senam or another thing like that than push me to do make up. He can be so angry if i just too busy with my phone, and push me to do some sport, or take me to play badminton with him. He often drive me to campus but only till in front of gate, not to FISIP building in order to make me walk :D "make up is not everything, if you're healthy, you automatically looks bright and beautiful, so make sport as a part of your lifestyle"
Oke deh kakaaaak :)